Company Philosophy

Aspiring to create touching spaces and pass on ideals and dreams, PINHOLE Designs was founded in TOKYO, Japan in 1979. With time, PINHOLE’s focus has evolved to involve harmony, quality, and emotion in forward-looking design. Nowadays, design is ubiquitous and at the forefront of everything from large-scale enterprise development strategy to the life style choices of creative individuals.

Specializing in large-scale commercial facility development, PINHOLE provides both overall design support and consultation with creative integration on categories of the architecture planning, thematic concept planning for commercial spaces, and designs of environmental space, theme entertainment, plaza landscaping and visual image.

We provide comprehensive solution from the earliest stages of the business development plan with services starting from land survey analysis to architecture master plan including overall framework and project planning.

Furthermore, in the category of design, our extensive services range from architecture planning to the design of commercial theme, concept and space, MD plan, visual design, etc.

[People] are the origin and essence of thinking in PINHOLE’s Design. The pursuit of our designs is to touch people’s hearts, to develop mutually beneficial links between humans and the environment, and to respect nature. A step forward, our designs are expected to reach harmoniously balance and to find the most appropriate position and the best state of the coexistence between people and environment, people and nature, and merchandise and space.

PINHOLE設計 社長 倉持 光男